..he, with his trio, Andreas Waelti playing the bass and  Klemens Marktl on the drums, is appearing calm and as an accentuated improvisor. Modest and relaxed he is sparkling through a harmonic landscape and yet is moving melodiously agile within the genuine mainstream tradition.
..he seems interested in subtle overtones, is allowing them to breath amply and gives sufficient time for athmospheres to unfold.
Those qualities can also be enjoyed while listening to his/their CDs: Magicians, Sounds and Other Beauties

Ljubisa Tosic

Lyrical, vibrant, and powerful - that's the sound of Esja. Jörg Leichtfried incorporates a wide, musical spectrum of jazz, while weaving a golden thread throughout the program.
Upon hearing this Austrian trio, the listener is transported to the journey of each musician on the search for the most authentic performance.
While Leichtfried and Bründlmayer have been collaborating for over ten years in a variety of bands and projects, Slovakian bassist Stefan Pista Bartus joined them in Vienna in the beginning of 2017.
The bassist offers the trio the perfect musical aesthetic.
Esja performs a program of originals but also re-imagines and presents familiar pieces from artists like Simon and Garfunkel or Hildegard Knef.
Improvised music at it's finest.
(press release)

"The title of the album "Magicians, Sounds And Other Beauties" perfectly describes the new creation of the Jörg Leichtfried Trio. The songs full of magic moments, nestled in a sound that warms up one's heart, are revealing the most beautiful aspects of modern jazz."
Musicaustria (Michael Ternai)

"...He and his his well-rehearsed trio present six sublime original compositions and one cover version of a Krzysztof-Komeda piece. Silence is admitted generously, which encourages the melancholic melodies. To spread a little happiness, the sun doesn't always have to shine.”
Samir H. Köck (Die Presse - Schaufenster)

"...The Leichtfried Trio avoids those clichès, it rather contributes occasional motive repetitions at a high creative level and accentuates the music in a permament flow
...Would the Austrian "Hans Koller-Prize" still exist for the "CD of the year", this production would deserve it for 2013."
Klaus Schulz (music editor / Jazz-Archiv Music Research GmbH)