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Duo Fuss / Leichtfried

Dominik Fuss – trumpet, flugelhorn
Jörg Leichtfried - piano

Picture two playing cards leaning on one another to create a stable rhythmic and interactive construct – this is how pianist Jörg Leichtfried describes the duo project with trumpeter Dominik Fuss.
Together they explore the borders between jazz tradition, classical and modern music.
In the process they find their unique sound within their repertoire, consisting of originals and the occasional standard.
Fuss and Leichtfried know each other from various exciting musical formations and genres, but this project unites their common passion for lyrical simplicity and intimacy.
Their musical relationship thrives upon Fuss’ strong sense of melody and Leichtfried’s tasteful harmonic support, which both complement and build on each other in a sort of symbiosis.
Fuss and Leichtfried approach the freedom that the duo presents with courage in the use of space. They orient themselves on the ideas of Kenny Wheeler and John Taylor rather than the musical ecstasy of an Oscar Peterson.
An intimate musical experience that invites the listener to dream and sink into the space often lacking in the music of today.
(Xavier Plus - Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, ORF)