Träumerei (track from the album "Little Tales Of Ligth And Sorrow")

Dominik Fuss – trumpet, flugelhorn
Jörg Leichtfried - piano

Music Austria
“.. Domink Fuss and Jörg Leichtfried, two absolute top talents of the Austrian jazz scene, have joined forces and released their debut album as a duo.”

“.. Pairing par excellence: Tales of Light and Sorrow, the ambitious duo project from the artists Fuss and Leichtfried, tickles both heart and mind in equal measure.”

Jazz At Carthage Jazz Festival, Tunisia
“.. Majestic ode to music, wonderfully sad Serenade, that sounds like a lost love.”

BR-Klassik, Bayern 3 radio
“.. The exceptionally beautiful melodic lines of their new CD, Little Tales of Light and Sorrow, left a real impression.”

Wiener Zeitung
".. Circumspect tones, open aural spaces, dense atmospherics: pianist Jörg Leichtfried and brass player Dominik Fuss are masters of the jazz ballad genre."

Little Tales Of Light And Sorrow